Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Travels with a Mini-Book

Book artist and illustrator Amy Strike is running a book arts project called The Invasion of the Miniature Books and has a collection of miniature books ready to swarm across the earth . . . one of them hitched a ride with us on our trip out East. 

On our first day out, and here is ms mini-book admiring Mireuk Daebul at Bongeunsa Temple.

Stones and cairns are a particular fascination of mine, and (so it would seem) ms mini-book too . . .
After braving the Lion's mouth some refreshment is needed.
more refreshment
I think we're developing a theme . . . 
Ms mini-book on top of the world!
Ms mini-book aimlessly wandering (that's what airports do to you) in the glorified shopping centre that is Seoul airport.
Making new friends in the lounge, meet ms e-mini-book.
Admiring the view in Shanghai (one hot city) from the vantage point of an air conditioned room. 
Ms mini-book would like to see more of world, and she so decides to return with us to the UK in the hope of further travels . . .
e-mini-book thought that was a great idea so tagged along too.

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