Thursday, 18 July 2013

Markets and Museums . . .

In my short time in Seoul I feel I'm getting to know the metro quite well. It's so easy, all stations are marked in English as well as Korean and they're numbered - how brilliant!

And gentlemen of a certain age reacquaint themselves with English by chatting to me. (I don't think I look like a damsel in distress) but they start conversation by asking me if I know where I'm going and that leads on to them telling me about their time working in either the UK or the USA . . .

One, a geologist in (I'm guessing) his eighties, insisted that we follow his lead and promptly got us lost. But he was so charming it would have been impossible to be annoyed.

However, I've been trying to fit in as much as possible so cramming in markets, museums and palaces.

We found the most intriguing herb medicine market, Gyeongdong Market, (well worth a look if you're visiting this city) Korea's biggest Asian medicine market which runs over several blocks.

I recognised some of the herbs and bark, but it took me a little while to identify the frogs!

For a sprawling round the clock market go to Namdaemun market, especially if you like stationary. I was so mesmerised I only remembered to take one photo, mind you I'll be carrying plenty of paper through hand baggage on the way home!!

Our guide book said "only time to visit one gallery? Then make it the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art". A pretty good choice . . . and I can recommend the cafe.

Reminds me of somewhere . . .

Mr B waits as I get the camera out - Again.

Changing the Gay Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace. As luck would have it we arrived just as these fabulous chaps where strutting their stuff . . . Peacock feathers and all!

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