Friday, 5 July 2013

Sketchbook Ponderings

I love to get outside with a sketchbook but so far this year I've been hopeless at organising my time to do this. Recently though I've made a more concerted effort, packed up my kit (and a collapsable stool!) and strode off . . . Looking quite purposeful - Ha!

And I've noticed there seem to be two aspects to my practice. When I'm working outside the marks are looser, more direct . . . and I do like that sense of the 'immediate'

Fresh air pages
Shed pages
On returning to my Shed I make mini blocks, I add collage, and ink and feel that I play around more . . .


the resulting images (when viewed through the lens of my camera) appear less adventurous than I'd anticipated. I'm not exactly unhappy with what I've done . . . but I'd hoped to produce something 'more

Perhaps when I identify what I mean by, more, I'll know what to do!
And this is fairly typical of the fabulous countryside I walk through, a path wanders from our garden to the byways beyond.
I am constantly amazed by what I find on my walks. 

With this animal pinned to the fence I can of course examine it more closely than usual. Yes, I came armed with a sketchbook and camera, but it does strike me as unnecessarily cruel. 

And I'm left pondering the nature of a person with such disregard for these birds - and how well founded their objections are.

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