Wednesday, 27 February 2013

IMPRESS 13 International Printmaking Festival

A Festival Diary is now available for IMPRESS 13, a printmaking symposium with exhibitions, meet the artist events, music, film and workshops, all organised by the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative. Most exhibitions will run throughout March, some are for a shorter periods of time, and a PDF of the diary is downloadable here.

'Posters' (below) show information about some of the Meet the Artists (private views) that you may be interested in. There is lots more going on, and the whole diary of events is available on the website.

Get tickets for the following before they run out . . .

1. Talk by Hughie O'Donoghue at the Launch event on the 1st March
2. Talk in Gloucester Cathedral Chapter House with poetry reading to support the exhibition "Red Ink"
3. Talk by Paul Croft at Deepspace Works Cheltenham
4. Talk by John Randall of the Whittington Press at the archive of the Press in Cheltenham

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pie in the Sky - a re-visit

The start of a new poster. Pie in the Sky. Written by Joe Hill in 1911 and the sentiment still relevant. 

I started working with this idea last April but didn't feel I'd quite got it right. I think my imagery was too understated. So I've re-cut the text, making it more expressive and dynamic. 
Now I'll change the image from empty hands to starving infants . . .  

1st mock up. The image will be linocut, and I will try out letterpress for the text on the sides. 

And maybe a book with the more of the text . . . ? depending on who has the rights to it and if I may use it.

Meanwhile take a look at what I found while out with Rufus, my stalwart walking partner.

I'm exploring ideas relating to memento mori and this is such an odd find. I think it's a sheep's skull but there are none where I walk, and there where no other bones at all . . . strange. Someone must have thrown a sheep's head into the undergrowth, why?
I particularly like the shadows in this photo.