Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Weekend at the Book Fair

I was rushing around in the weeks before BABE a bit like a mad woman - constantly reminding myself to be more organised (which I'm getting better at) but . . . this is what I was up to with just 5 days to go, assembling Falling Gently and finishing Stony Stories.

Nevertheless I did get my act together. This is the second book fair I've done, and I wanted my stand to look tempting - how to do that?? 

This time, no disheveled piles of books, but open and accessible and hopefully inviting too. I wanted people to feel that they could pick up any of the books on the table and have a good look. 

However, I now have a little list of things to do next time.

1. make sure every thing is clearly priced (doh!)
2. bags. bags. bags.
3. business cards
4. bring plenty of workshop fliers (it's not clever to run out)
5. a cloth for the table wouldn't go amiss - dark cloths showed off the work better . .
6. bring healthy snacks - cake is too, too tempting!

With about 100 artists taking part, spread throughout the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, there was much to see, so I was thrilled when Mr B came along and I could take some time out for a good look around. 

It meant I could talk with other exhibiters and see what was going on - always a good thing.

View from behind a table!  

It was lovely to catch up with friends dropping by (some I hadn't seen in ages) and meeting so many people who made great comments, and interesting and varied conversations. I had a great time, it was huge fun.

Now everything is tidied away it is time to start work on a broadside for the al-Mutanabbi street coalition.

Half Moon Run - Call Me in the Afternoon

What a happy find . . . 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Birthday AND Surprise!

Yesterday was number one son's birthday - he's snuck up to 27 (I'm officially middle aged ah-hem . . .) anyhow, I'd noticed this lovely red envelop and assumed it was a card for him, so I left it on the work top.
Eventually I turned it over - ooh, addressed to me. Full of curiosity - who was sending this to me? (an American post mark) . . .
I opened it to find this FAB card from a friend I met at Penland, Lauren. Check out her wonderful work at firebrand press