Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Regards Croises: France - Grande-Bretagne. Bella's Book

It's great to be asked to take part in a project, so when Sarah Bodman sent an invitation to make an artists' book on the theme of 'Regards Croises: France - Grande-Bretagne' I was very pleased to participate.

We had been asked to make a book on our ideas of France, for exhibition in Saint-Etienne and later, the UK. 

In 2010 I'd made a tiny concertina book about tramping in the Haute-Savoie and I found myself looking at it again. It was the first totally digital work I had made, quite a departure for me and I feel the time is right to explore digital further. 
I keep a small sketchbook by my bed - if I can't sleep I like to doodle - and this little character (Bella) runs through it. I think she's my alter ego. Sometimes she's a child, sometime my age, and sometimes 60 plus, she holds a running commentary on Life, the Universe and Everything.
This is the first stage for working out the flow for this book. Working from my scanned images I add colour and resize, before printing out, then it's a session of cut and paste and re-cutting and re-pasting.

I like this stage, there is time for reflection and the idea is still in its infancy so there is plenty of room for growth. I find this is an exciting time in the development of an idea.
By the end of the week work is complete and ready to be posted off.
A little postscript
I blogged today using Mr B's computer, mine has curled up its tiny toes and died. The book for France is a totally digital being, and exists/ed on my computer - I hadn't backed my work up for a while (I know, I know) so, if you haven't backed up yours . . . . . 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Open Studios 2012

Jeannette and I are taking part in the West Berks and North Hants Open Studios scheme this year and will be exhibiting a range of glass, prints, books and cards over two weekends in May. So do come along if you'd like see what we do, or to talk to us about the courses we run. 

Other artists opening their studios in the area at the same time include: Arran Miles and Sue Kirkman, Normandy Barcelo-Soto and Diana Devonshire, Diana Barraclough, Mandi Bainbridge, Ann Richmond, Gill Reeve, Sue Lashmar and Meryl Ainslie  

Such a lot of talent a small area, making it easy to plan a route for a great day out!