Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pie in the Sky - a re-visit

The start of a new poster. Pie in the Sky. Written by Joe Hill in 1911 and the sentiment still relevant. 

I started working with this idea last April but didn't feel I'd quite got it right. I think my imagery was too understated. So I've re-cut the text, making it more expressive and dynamic. 
Now I'll change the image from empty hands to starving infants . . .  

1st mock up. The image will be linocut, and I will try out letterpress for the text on the sides. 

And maybe a book with the more of the text . . . ? depending on who has the rights to it and if I may use it.

Meanwhile take a look at what I found while out with Rufus, my stalwart walking partner.

I'm exploring ideas relating to memento mori and this is such an odd find. I think it's a sheep's skull but there are none where I walk, and there where no other bones at all . . . strange. Someone must have thrown a sheep's head into the undergrowth, why?
I particularly like the shadows in this photo. 

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  1. The skull could be the basis of a print, as you say, interesting shaodws and shapes. Powerful imagery with your text and the children.