Thursday, 18 July 2013

Swanning Off to Seoul and Shanghai

Mr B had to go to Seoul (and Shanghai) on a business trip, so I took the opportunity to tag along on his coattails for a visit!

Glad I did. Seoul is a great city to visit, even in the hot n humid rainy season. We're staying in the Gangnam district (a very stylish area) most of it developed since the '88 Olympics and hit the ground running with a visit to Bongeun-sa, a Buddhist temple, almost straight off the plane.

Our arrival coinciding with the striking of drums and bells in the Bell Pavilion. There are four instruments in the pavilion, a Dharma bell, a Dharma drum, a cloud shaped gong and a wooden fish!
These four instruments are struck at two services, dawn and dusk, with the intention to save all the beings in the universe. The sound of the bell saves the dead spirits in hell, the drum save the animals, the cloud shaped gong the spirits in the air and the sound of the wooden fish saves creatures in the water . . . you can make out the drum in this photo.
Cloud shaped gong.
The Bell. It makes the most impressive sound, entering via the solar plexus and making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.
Ceiling decoration.
At the gate of truth, protected by four fierce guardians.
I have with me a mini book. Not one of mine, but one of Amy Strike's collection of miniature books which are currently invading the globe.

Mini book admires a massive statue, the Maitreya Buddha.
Mini book bravely going where no mini book has gone before!
(Apologies for the quality of the photos... haven't got a good excuse... Low light levels... I was quite tired, I hadn't slept on the flight..... )
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