Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Weekend workshop at Dillington House, Somerset

I'm wishing now that I'd had all this ply cut for me!

Getting ready for a weekend residential workshop I'm running at Dillington House.

It's quite different working away from home, here everything I could possibly need for a workshop is at hand in The Shed. 

I have so many check lists but still I worry something will be left behind.

My first view of the house, doesn't it look stunning in the late afternoon sunlight, all gold and green.

Dillington House dates back to the sixteenth century and has been Somerset County Council's residential centre for adult education, the arts and professional development since 1950. 

It's one of a number of centres throughout the country that specialise in offering non-vocational adult education courses . . . . . and they have a blog.

Dillington’s spectacular new building - The Hyde - has just won the 2010 Regional Architecture Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

You'd think that putting a contemporary building, in concrete and black wood, slap bang in the middle of a collection of honey stoned buildings dating back to the 16th century and what was once the west country home of George III’s Prime Minister, Lord North, might jar, but no - it's fab! 

Good news, our studio is also here. 

The venue for morning coffee

A misty October morning view from the studio

My students were in the main, beginners, but came with a great deal of enthusiasm, working hard all day and then on into the night. 

And, I was in danger of loosing my voice!

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