Thursday, 28 October 2010


A couple of weeks ago, for my birthday, we went to see 'Crucible' a sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. I couldn't have guessed how astounding the exhibits would be. And the sculptures sit beautifully in this remarkable setting.
Showing over 75 works from 48 artists, from the 1950′s to current-day practitioners like Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley.
I'm so pleased to find that its run has been extended - I'm going back to have another look!
David Mach, Calvary. 

Initially I felt the agony of the subject, however the longer I looked I could see real aggression in the piece and it is quite a disturbing work, notwithstanding it's a bunch of coat-hangers.
Anthony Gormley, Close V. X marks the spot! 

I wonder who the author of the graffiti on the pillars was?

Jon Buck, Dove

Nick Bibby Rodrigues, Giant Tortoise

Joe Rush, Hornbill
Hamish Black, One World Series no.2
view from the cloisters
stained glass
Ralph Brown, Seated Queen. 

This is really strange and unsettling, like an old and grimy candle, as if she is melting or bubbling. . . 

Lynn Chadwick, Cloaked Figure
The cathedral is full of interest, these cloister ceilings are exquisite

Froxfield village gets a mention!

David Behar-Perahia, Dripping.

Sited in the cloisters, 'Dripping' uses sound and light to echo the monks everyday ritual of washing. You'd have to make your own mind up about the work. I think the idea's quite poetic, but the execution is a bit rough.
Lynn Chadwick, Teddy Boy & Girl

Don Brown, Yoko XlX. 

This is one of an ongoing series of the artists wife. 
Although the work relates pretty much to classical sculpture, I think it's a beautifully elegant depiction of human form, the body barely perceptible underneath the fabric folds.

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