Saturday, 30 October 2010

Getting ready for Manchester Book Fair and the Small Publishers Fair

Wednesday was all systems go, getting a selection of books ready to post to 'Artists Books Online' for the Fifth Manchester Artists' Book fair next weekend and for the Small Publishers Fair 12 & 13 November  

I'll be there on Saturday 13th, please drop by and say hello.
My overworked Georgian nipping press has been busy doing its thing . . . .

A watcher at the door. Henny's curiosity kept her at the glass, possibly entranced by her own delightful reflection.
It takes me by surprise, sometimes, but I continue to underestimate how much time one needs to set aside for compiling and wrapping work for shows. It really does become an unnecessary stress if left to the last minute. 

But old habits die hard and ditching the mantle - Queen of Last Minute - will take some practice.

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  1. Gorgeous blog and lovely work. I love your chickens. Wish I could have some but I don't think my landlord would be too impressed!

    Like the picture of Henny curiously looking through the glass trying to figure out what's going on.