Monday, 27 February 2012

Sister project

I've mentioned already that my project about sister/sister relationships furnished me with many and varied responses. 

Some more positive than others. . . . 

But mostly, none of us really has much to say when life is sweetly straightforward, it is only when there are strong emotions that we need to speak out. So just now I'm working up some ideas relating to the darker side of family connections.

I like the graphic qualities of Fowl Play, a book I made a while back. And I think that this format lends itself well to text.
I've a way to go yet before I start cutting lino, not least because I'm waiting for some that's wide enough to arrive in the post!! 

I plan to work on a lino size of 50 x 35cm. Here's a quick peep of my initial drawings, started today. I do expect this to change as work progresses . . . . perhaps a little less art nouveau?

By the way the text is a track from Scaffold - Buttons of Your Mind

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