Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sister project - update

Still awaiting lino delivery. It was ordered last week and a parcel arrived the very next day, the only problem - not my order. I had received someone else's parcel, urrrrgh!

I had a chat with a very nice guy, James, who assured me he would deal with it 'straight away' . . . . ho-hum. Anyhow, it should now arrive on Thursday.

The upside is I have plenty of time to plan - not something I do as often as I should. This means I've spent time today planning my block. 

An old photo of me in a kimono (from the 70's) inspired the patterns for the 'dress'. Perhaps that explains the look of the print, it's not art nouveau, it's a 70's vibe!!
I've re-drawn yesterdays work, making the women less twins like, and it feels as if I'm getting somewhere. I'm working with black and white in mind, so I'm just blocking out areas at the moment, the detail will go in at the cutting and proofing stages.
The start of this piece was a quick thumbnail sketch. And I imagine (as usual) there will be many changes, even after I start cutting the block.

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