Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Entwinement . . . .

Test block for text and entwined shapes is finished. I can see I'll need to be careful with the shapes I choose, this is very much a love heart but I didn't really see that until it was printed!

It's such a dull overcast afternoon here that I'm having difficulty in getting motivated but I do think I should try out at least a couple more colours, black? blue? green? turquiose? 


  1. I think this is fab!!! I've done a couple of linocuts using celtic knots- it really made my head overheat. I take my hat off to you with your text, something I've yet to try...

  2. Thanks, and I know what you mean. It takes a certain kind of concentration to keep nice even cutting - so I put Van Morrison on and went with the flow.

  3. Why not print again in all colours and create a pattern.
    Very nice work.