Friday, 25 February 2011

Prints on their way to Tennessee

My new mantra must be 'Don't put it off!' 

These prints have been in my head for at least a couple of months, and it's such a relief to get them finished and into the post - where right now they are winging their way across the deep blue sea, heading for Knoxville, Tennessee.

I decided to keep a log of the time spent making the work, mainly because I was beginning to feel that I'm working too slowly and I need to get a clearer picture of the time I will need to complete various projects for my degree show - in just 13 weeks time!!

So, no time for woolgathering.
I had to wait 3 days for the paper to dry after embossing it - it does take longer when it's being kept flat between boards, but this was longer than I'd anticipated.
Forty prints took me 3.5 hours to print, this is only five (ish) minutes per print - so considering each run through the press needs the block to be inked up, the plate and paper registered and then impressed that's not bad, and I now wonder why I deemed it such a long time.
Of course ink requires drying time - so only one colour per day. I could run a second colour but with so much 'white' space it would be all too easy to smudge something so I think it's worth the extra time. At least I know now to plan for that time.
The press in action, note my high tech registration technique . . . .
The second colour goes on. This is something I always feel hesitant about, especially if I like the first run through.
Third run through with the text and then a slow and careful session with the guillotine.

And after six days, forty prints signed and editioned ready for the post.

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