Monday, 14 February 2011

Hard back bookbinding workshop

Don't you just love it when things fall into place.

Yesterday was like that for me. Up uncharacteristically early for a Sunday and driving through heavy rain to Bristol to attend a one day 'Introduction to adhesive hard back bookbinding' workshop at the Bristol Drawing School.

For so long now I've deliberately chosen book styles that do not require more than some folding and a dab of glue, I imagined it would be a) difficult and b) time consuming to make hard back books - how wrong! 

Of course it goes without saying a good teacher helps, and Tortie Rye was that person. In six hours she helped us pack in so much, with each of us participants taking home four finished hard bound books - not bad eh. 

I was reminded once again, not to put something off just because I think it may be a little tricky - get on with it and find out what it's really like, after all I may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

Here are my very first hard back books, simple I know, but now I've breached the hurdles of uncertainty and procrastination - well who knows what's next.


  1. Gorgeous photos Mavina. These books look beautifully made. There is no turning back now, you'll be an addict like me soon ;-)

  2. Hi Mavina Oh these look really good --well done. I wish I had done that course !!!

    I know I saw a piece of work of yours somewhere on the web that I really liked ( remember your name) now I cant remember what it was.
    Oh and look who's photo is up in the comment box above mine - its Angela from Bookartobject - we both participated in the last edition of Bookartobject.
    Her book was lovely !!

    1. Hey thanks, maybe you saw something of mine on