Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Phew 40 blind embossed prints = blisters!

At last, I've made a proper start on the Unicorn print exchange. The 1st state of 40 prints is now done. And not before time really, I should finish them by the weekend so as to get them off to Tennessee before the 1st of March.

Now I'm sitting down, it feels like I've had a work-out on the press today. It's pretty stiff going when the pressure is increased to make the embossing as crisp as possible on Boadicea. I'm sure my biceps will soon look like the Michelin man's plus, I'm now the proud owner of two blisters!

Anyhow, it beats going to the gym.

This means at least I've finished the blind emboss stage, and only have three stages to go.
the press in action
1st stage, this is a corner detail of the embossing
The view from the 'Shed'. 

The new girls keep me amused when I'm working and I need to keep an eye on them while they settle in because the old girls aren't too sure about these two, and keep on having a dig.

We haven't given either of them a name (yet), somehow naming them acts as a kind of sympathetic magic, which may alert Foxy to their existence. And we'd rather he didn't pay us another visit. . . . .

although of course, if he does, he'll be in for a shock - electric fencing is now in place.
Our two new hens. 
The hens are so funny, I do find watching them quite addictive.

Side by side they'll be quite happily pecking the ground. Then out of the blue, BAM a sudden and ferocious peck. These old girls are pretty dam speedy.


  1. Hi Mavina,

    Your work is looking wonderful! That detail of the blind emboss is just scrumptious!

    So lovely to read about all of your adventures too (very envious) and to see you chickens again! They're lovely!