Monday, 3 March 2014

Storm in a Teacup

The view from The Shed window reminds me that daylight is running out . . . 
I've spent the day working on a small painting (I prefer daylight when working in mixed media as I find it difficult to judge colour in electric light) and anyway it is time now to put this to one side and leave it to brew for a day or two while I think about the next stage . . .

Stages it's progressed through today
Meanwhile, ideas for print are developing in my sketchbook. I like to keep these images as simple as possible, I don't want the image to be too 'fixed', I'd rather work out the detail when cutting my block.
No matter how hard I try to I just can't keep text out . . . but perhaps that's not surprising as I'm working on a book idea at the same time as exploring linocut ideas.

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