Saturday, 8 March 2014

Paul Klee at Tate Modern

Crossing the Millennium bridge to get to the Tate is always a joy, great views of the river, St Paul's and Tate Modern. 
On the bridge these little pieces caught my eye. . . everyone was looking out for them.
Graffiti art in miniature! 
. . . the artist at work.
He's actually painting onto chewing gum and therefore not painting the bridge - neat way to go - and I'd say definitely not vandalism but an improvement.
Not the most prepossessing of entrances but Tate Modern is a fantastic space for exhibitions, we're here to see the Klee. 

It's a comprehensive exhibition, and as well as the usual suspects there is a large selection of less familiar works - it's just tremendous and I'd highly recommend a visit, but there isn't long. Sunday 9th March is the last day.
Lyrical mark making and deftness of touch . . . my most favourite piece in the show. 
View from our lunch table
. . . lunch (ah-hem not exactly healthy eating)
Back home and perusing my stash of goodies, the compulsory book and postcards.
The exhibition called this technique oil-transfer drawing. 
I'm more familiar with it as a mono-print process and one I'm pursuing just now for my Storm in a Teacup series.

Initial stages, and next week I'll work further into these two.
Not the first time I've allowed myself to be influenced by Klee's work.

I made a series of water colour mono-prints using Paul Klee's The Goldfish, as my reference source in the early 90's

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  1. Ooh! Thank you for this.Klee is one of my "biggies" too. Also interesting to see the chewing gum artist.