Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Proposal for an exhibition by 10 Artist Printmakers

Waysides & Hedgerows . . .
. . . Common & Garden
Call for Entries

'Our wildflowers are disappearing at a rate of 2 species every 5 years. Nearly half of the 1150 ‘priority species’ in the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan are plants, but they attract a fraction of the budget. . . . ' Plantlife

I would like to put on an exhibition in 2014 focusing on the wild plants of our hedgerows, waste places and gardens, and I'm keen to find 10 artist printmakers who would be interested in a project specifically focused on plant-based images and text, related to the plight of our wild plants.

I must stress that this is not a search for botanical artists, but for artist printmakers who are keen to explore plant focused concepts, and who will make new works (Prints and/or Book Art) in response to this project. This is for artists with an interest in botany, although flora isn’t necessarily the main focus of their work.

A catalogue is envisaged but will be subject to budgetary conditions.

I am currently asking for initial contacts from artists wishing to be considered for this project, and I would appreciate if you could circulate this information to others you think may be interested.

Submission details
Please request further information through the comments box on this site or contact me via my website.

Application deadline Autumn 2013
Exhibition date to be confirmed


  1. Hi Mavina
    This project sounds very exciting and as an artist printmaker I would be interested in finding out more and taking part.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Jacqui. Further information about the project will be emailed this week. Mavina

  3. Hi Mavina

    this is a area i am very interested as well in, would love to find out more and take part


    alison sloggett