Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Garden gorgeousness

The memory of a cold and grey May has already faded - it only takes one or two days of sunny weather to banish all grey from my mind. Just three weeks ago the wisteria was sulking in a chilly wind . . .
now, on a balmy June afternoon all is gorgeousness.
After forgetting to plant all the tulip bulbs bought online last autumn in a mad flurry of garden wishful thinking, and finding them lurking at the back of the shed in February . . . I made a new discovery.

I decided in March (with nothing to loose) to plant them out in pots, reasoning that at least the bulbs would 'do' better in soil, but not expecting much in the way of flowers. What a great surprise to find that almost all of them flowered very well, and I wish I'd taken more photos and done more sketching. 

They have such wonderful shapes - perfect for printmaking projects.
My style in the garden is a little relaxed and I love the tumble of greens in the hedge. Especially where we've allowed the hawthorn to grow up and out of the main body of the hedge, with some of the branches sweeping down, speckling the greens with creamy blossoms.
Elsewhere aquilegias are appearing where I haven't placed them,
creating interesting colour combinations. I like the deep maroon in amongst the golden marjoram, but not something I would have deliberately put together. 
Forget-me-nots colonising an unfinished border, which will now remain unfinished until they have done flowering.
Daisies and cherry blossom in the grass . . .
and a tree peony making an appearance. Despite looking so delicate aquilegias are ruffians at heart, and they're popping up all over,
even in the gravel by the back door.
We've put a bench in the meadow (the best place for us to catch the evening sun) a place to unwind with a glass of something good . . .
Paths cut through the grass and wild plants, although a work in progress it's really quite idyllic.

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