Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumnal colours

While walking Rufus this morning, I couldn't help but notice the autumn colours. 

Even though it was somewhat grey the colours glowed with such an intensity, especially the reds, almost as if lit from within.
Few trees are yet showing autumn colour in their leaves, these have the faint hint of gold about their crowns. I suspect that by the time I get back next week from France, they will all have changed.
Trying to sketch while holding onto a dogs lead is nigh on impossible (I don't even really know why I attempted it) 
so I gathered bits and pieces along the route . . . . to carry on working in the shed.
Autumn's the time when goodies are gathered from the garden, and again this year we have tons of apples.
I planted this Arthur Turner because of its gorgeous blossom, and it makes one of the best baked apples ever.
It's not the only thing I grow for its colour . . .
these Arran Victory spuds are the most glorious purple, and make a brilliant mash.

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