Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Last minute linocut!!

I decided yesterday to make a new linocut, we hold our winter show this weekend and I don't think I have enough new work. Arrrrrrrrgh.

Over the years I've collected various dried seed heads and bits of interesting looking plant material, which I keep in the shed. From time to time I make thumbnail sketches so I enlarged one of those and got to work.
As I work I change colours. 

Keeping the background colour the same or similar throughout and over printing with cool colours or warm colours changes the mood of a print. Each becoming different from the rest.
I pushed on and printed three colours today, they'll have a bit of time to dry tomorrow when I'm invigilating at New View the BANA Arts annual show, and I can finish them on Thursday.


  1. Love these - they look really interesting if you click on one and they are displayed as part of a slide show on the black background (I think this must be a new feature of blogger) - it makes your prints look like a continuous landscape.
    I also like the lines left in around the seedhead creating movement in the print.

  2. I wonder if most artists have that 'not enough work' feeling. I am currently contemplating hairdrying a few pieces. Anyhow I just stopped by to say I love your teasels.