Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Froxfield winter exhibition

I'm glad to say I finished the teasel woodcuts in time to include them in our winter show. 

This was a good thing, because the blue and brown combo was the first print to sell.
Here we are (the fabulous four!) just before opening the doors to our visitors. Me, trying to hide behind Normandy, Arran and Lorraine.

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by.

We had a good time this weekend. Visitors numbers somewhere between 250 and 300, more than in previous years, and our Saturday evening party was buzzy and great fun. 
Our village hall scrubs up nicely for the exhibition. Hungerford Camera Club loans out the screens to us, and I think the black shows the work surprisingly well.
This shot shows some of my work and my ongoing preoccupation with landscape. 
Arran's work, you can see she's a very adept painter.
Normandy's work, this year showing his new 'Drip' paintings.
And, a passionate photographer, Lorraine's work shows a great variety of subject matter.

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