Saturday, 1 October 2011

Way back when

September last year I received an email from Guen Montgomery, I'd met her at Steve Miller's digital Letterpress workshop at Penland, inviting me to take part in the Unicorn Portfolio she was putting together to show at the Southern Graphics Conference and an exhibition in Knoxville at 1010 Gallery.

Of course with a project like this (especially if you're far away in another country!) everything then goes quiet for a while.

Until yesterday (after a week or two of phone calls to various depots and the UK customs office) great excitement. 

Ta-dah!! a parcel arrives and yes, the whole collection is here for your delectation.
Photographed as they came out of the box, if I've incorrectly labelled anyones work please do let me know.
Ann Flowers

Anna Tararova

Annie Fletcher

Ashton Ludden

Beauvais Lyons

Ben Brockman

Brandon Gardner

Carrie Lingscheit

Kitty Pulido

Emmy Lingscheit

Ericka Walker

Greg Daiker

Guen Montgomery

Hannah & Blake Sanders

Heather Bryant

Jason Ammons

Jessie Van der Laan

Johanna Mueller

Joseph Velasquez

Katie Ries

Katy Seals

Lauren Falkenberry

Leslie Grossman

Matt Rebholz

Mavina Baker

Megan Lockhart

Meghan O'Connor

Melanie Yazzie

Peter Riesing

Rachael Madeline

Rachel James

Richard Wenrich

Rodolfo Salgado Jr.

Ruthann Godollei

Sara Marie Miller

Steve Miller

Taryn Anne Williams

Veronica Siehl

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