Thursday, 20 October 2011

A new friend for the puppies and woodcuts ready for 20:20 Spike Print Studio

One of the guys who came to install our solar panels had his dog with him - she often waits for him in the van - looking fearsome but really just a gentle giant, so, we introduced her to the 'boys'! 
The initial greetings done and dusted,
Flynn and Rufus decided to play follow my leader and meekly follow Sasha around all afternoon.
Rufus sleeping in the shed (in an upturned etching tray) while I finish the print run for the 20:20 print exchange.
Organised by Hot Bed Press the 2nd 20:20 print exchange is underway, and Spike Print Studio is one of the 18 print workshops from around the UK and Ireland taking part. 230 artists are producing editions of 25 prints each - crikey a cool 5,750 prints created for this project.

Workshops involved are: The Art-House; Wakefield, Birmingham Printmakers, Black Church; Dublin, The Bluecoat Print Studio; Liverpool, Clo Caerdlann; County Donegal, Cork Printmakers, Double Elephant; Exeter, Dundee Contemporary Art, Edinburgh Printmakers, Hot Bed Press; Salford, Leinster Print Studio, Lorg Fine Art, Galway City, Northern Print Studio; Newcastle, Prospect Studios; Lancashire, Seacourt Print Workshop; Bangor, South Hill Park; Bracknell, Spike Print Studio; Bristol, and West Yorkshire Printmakers.

Hanging up to dry.
Cut to size, 20 x 20cm.
Look out for venues displaying the prints in 2012.

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