Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Around an about

We decided to have a wander, followed by a pub stop, near Burford at the weekend.

Starting at Great Barrington, through Honey Bush (what!) and Sheep Dip following the little river Windrush to the village of Windrush and stopping at a brilliant pub named The Fox for refreshment! 

Then on to Little Barrington, crossing the river at Barrington Mill and back to the Landy waiting patently for us at Great Barrington. 
As you can see we started under blue skies, bryony adorning the hedgerows.
I could hardly believe these daisies are still flowering on this cold November day.

Spindle fruit is the most wonderful colour, the raspberry pink fruit splits open to reveal luscious orange seeds. They look delicious, I wonder if they're edible?

What a tenacious grip on life these trees have. Here at Mill Copse amongst all the tumbled down stone, they perch, splendidly moss covered.
And at the end of an unmade road stands Manor Farm, with these very picturesque out buildings

We discovered this feral apple tree at Windrush Mill, looking wonderfully red and gold but sadly too high for me to reach more than one delish specimen. 

And in any case Chris carries the back pack so I could hardly have persuaded him to join me in a spot of apple scrumping.

Hawthorn berries, called haws, are edible and were commonly made into jellies, jams, syrups and used to make wine, or to add flavour to brandy, rather than eaten fresh. 

And (so my mother once told me) the young leaves taste good in sandwiches!

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