Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Power of Plants

We've been away for an awful lot of this year, and the garden has been left mostly to it's own devices. 

But, even with such benign neglect I am rewarded with a harvest for the grey, wet months that will come. I sit picking black currants, which are hidden among the borage and late forget-me-nots, and contemplate the marjoram that is romping about the vegetable beds, and the emergent rosebay willowherb and feel happy because I can hear so many bees working the flowers.

I know that nothing will be cleared as today I'm off again, this time to go camping near Symonds Yat and I can't wait as I love that part of the country.
I can allow myself these jaunts because plants will get on with it whether I'm around to weed and water or not . . . being away for part of April and May I thought I had a bit of a disaster on my hands, in as much as I hadn't planted the spuds until 6th June, by the 25th June they looked promising . . .
and now in early July they look much as I would have expected had I planted them in mid April. The power of plants eh!

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