Friday, 4 October 2013

Aloha Kahou from O'ahu

Tagging along on Mr B's coat tails once again, this time Hawaii! As one friend said to me "how jammy is that!"

A little bit of a slog to get here (16 hours flying time plus transits, about 21 hours in all) and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt security staff to give a tired traveller a smile when they arrive - but I should moan - it's great to be here.

It was dark when we arrived, so checked in and went straight to bed and woke up with the sun at 6 and took in the view of Diamond Head from our balcony.

Whisked Mr B off to the Honolulu museum of Art, a beautifully designed series of galleries surrounding courtyards reminiscent of Chinese or Mediterranean architecture and a truly comprehensive collection, from mediaeval European through Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian to Contemporary and local Hawaiian. And as luck would have it two temporary exhibitions one of Ansel Adams and one of Georgia O'Keeffe.

In China it is thought that stones are made of the most refined spirit-energy, of which all things are made.

The most treasured stones are those with strange and bizarre shapes, suggestive of remote mountain peaks.

Chetan Das (active mid-18th century) Gauri Ragini of the Malkos Raga 1746

Lady polo players, China, (618-907)

Temple guardians . . .

Georgia O'Keeffe, landscapes of Maui

Vik Muniz, from the series, Pictures of Chocolate.

He appropriated images from the series of photographs, Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation (1956, Aaron Siskind) by squeezing and manipulating chocolate on plexiglass.

Lunch at the museum cafe.

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