Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Multi-Colour Printmaking

This is the first day since the 19 February that I've been able to use my wonderful (but heavy) Albion Press. (I had a bit of surgery and had to wait a while for healing to take place and to regain my strength) And what better than this life affirming, colourful project.

In 2011 I became involved with An Inventory for Al-Mutanabbi Street and it has remained close to my heart ever since. I have been looking at files for my submission to the project with a view to making a second edition, proceeds of which will be donated to Medecins sans Frontiers. I hope to have this ready for BABE 2013 (Bristol Book Arts Event) on 20-21 April.
And, I was recently reading Ama Bolton's book, also made for the project. 
I love the different coloured paper used throughout her book, and I took inspiration from this to print my new edition on multiple coloured sheets of paper.
The first few are muted . . .
. . . soon growing more confident, using raspberry reds and bold blues and greens. One hanging rack full.
I use masks to help with inking up, otherwise the plate requires way too much cleaning before pulling a print.
A plate on the press ready to go . . .
in various colours.
Two hanging racks full (44 sheets and counting - what a gloriously busy day I've had!)
The next stage will be letterpress, but that will have to wait until after the Easter break (boo-hoo).

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