Monday, 10 September 2012

A short "week" in Pembrokeshire

Life is full of contrasts, I'm sitting in Heathrow waiting to fly out to Hong Kong, making time to blog about last week spent in Wales.

I've just spent a fab few days in sunny Pembrokeshire, yes sunny Wales! We had such a great time last year, that when Mr B had a few days holiday we decided to revisit the wonderful landscape that is, Pembrokeshire.

We found a lovely little cottage, where we could bring two excitable young dogs, to chill out for a bit - -

A comfortably converted barn, complete with sunny terrace and stone circle.
Where the land meets the sea it opens up in widescreen, all wide-open skies and wheeling gulls.

It's all a bit Enid Blyton, for those old enough to remember the famous five, beaches, castles, mountains and picnics, of course we swapped the ginger beer for a glass or two of red!
A touch breezy at the top . . . .
Picnicking along the Pembrokeshire costal path. By the way, I was feeling pretty brave as it's a sheer drop just where the grass (in the photo) runs out and I don't really have much of a head for heights.
I do find the Neolithic fascinating, so many tantalising glimpses into our distant past, but never really 'knowing' the reason behind, say, a stone circle or the marks we might find cut into stones. I like the mystery that attaches to humankind's deep past, and as a consequence I often find myself visiting such sights.

Carreg Sampson - - silent testament to our forebears.
And of course, I didn't resist a return visit to Pentre Ifan.

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