Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bookmarks : Infiltrating the Library System Project

Home from holiday and straight into the bookmarks project! (I so like to get back down to my shed).

I do sometimes wonder how other people work, because I seem to spend an awfully long time mulling ideas over (and over and over) in my head before I commit to paper, and in the process filling my sketchbooks with STUFF.

Lodged inside my current sketchbook are two small books about pebbles, (made when walking in the French alps at Easter) prompted by stones that I have picked up on my travels over the years and kept as talismans to the past. 

While considering different ways in which to make use of my pebble hoard it struck me that it's quite common to see little piles, or stacks, of stones as markers on the summit of a mountain. Or that they may be used to mark walking and biking trails, to keep people from becoming lost. 

Not unlike a bookmark . . . . To keep one's place - ta-dah! an idea evolves.

So, while walking along the Wolds Way I thought about my pebbles and my bookmarks and pretty much planned what I would do when I got back home. 

And in 2 days I saw the culmination of an idea that had been floating around in my head since, oh well . . . . . that would be since April. 
Playing with colour and font, using digital print and small lino blocks (cut for pebbles) and rubber stamp on the back.
Deciding pale colours worked better. Making my own 'library' stamps for the back.
Wrapped up and ready for delivery.
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