Friday, 23 March 2012

My print for Spike Printmakers exhibition - CHROMA

This week I've made way too many excuses to get out side into the sunshine - the dogs need a walk, the weeds need attention! . . . . and haven't been in the Print Shed as much as I should. But, yesterday afternoon and today I've knuckled down.

This soft cut lino is Fantastic. It cuts like a dream and takes pencil marks readily. It's more vinyl than Lino but who's worrying about that.

This means writing the text goes much more smoothly that usual. And as for cutting it - knife and butter spring to mind.
Does smudge a bit though.
1st proof. 

I took a proof as soon as I'd cut the main outlines, just to check how it reads.
Cutting and proofing. 

A requirement of the exhibition is that it's a single colour print, and the paper size is 38 x 28cm. 
I'm looking forward to a morning of paper buying tomorrow, so I can finish this in time to deliver to Spike Print Studio by Thursday next week.

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