Friday, 26 August 2011


Wilton windmill, it's open weekends until the end of september and is worth the visit. There's also a great little pub, The Swan, in the village - so if you're thirsty after a walk . . .
A few days ago I took Flynn out for his first walk off the lead.
Needless to say, after his initial hesitation he was off like a shot. I'm surprised his little paintbrush of a tail didn't fall off it wagged so much.
Already there are so many blackberries. This year I must make sure I come back and pick some for making jelly, because if it's anything like last year they'll be gone before I know it.
And so many hawthorn berries. My grandfather would have said this means a hard winter is on the way. I'm guessing the abundance of berries is because it's been warm, sunny and wet - but we'll see.
The teasels in the long grass are so pretty.

Although this does have something of autumn about it . . . .
 The path home.
This was quite walk for Flynn, about 4 miles. He was having such a good time he didn't notice that he was tired, until he got back home.
Back and resting in the kitchen.

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