Friday, 8 July 2011

Free fall - or non print books

I've had time to relax post MA, and I've even tidied The Shed - so. . . . .
what's next?

As you can see here my MA work was pretty 'tight' n 'tidy' (I enjoyed making it, but I'm not sure that's really 'me'). I've thought about it very carefully in the last couple of weeks and I've come to realise I made the kind of work I presumed would fit the remit of the course, which amazed me, after all my years of experience I still tried to please the tutors rather than go my own way - and I thought I was of independent mind!

However, that doesn't mean I'm not pleased with what I did, or that I didn't learn a lot - so, it's all to the good.
To kick start me into my next two book projects, one for Al Mutanabbi street and the 2nd to be about being and having a Sister. I practiced working intuitively (disengaging conscious brain) while listening to music by Example and Oceanlab and made some books about the experience of walking through a landscape.

I made three books rapidly, not giving myself time to analyse, or print for that matter, so more akin to sketchbook work, but so very definitely not sketchbooks, each one of these is a unique artists book.

What I hope to do next is to blend the style of these books with the approach I used in my MA projects which was more measured and with a higher level of finish, and to include print techniques

By the way, your 'Sister' experiences, anecdotes and ideas very happily received.


  1. Such beautiful work Mavina. Both projects are so very different but the quality remains consistent with both of them, Thank you very much for sharing : )

  2. That's sweet of you to say, thanks x

  3. Your new book work looks really exciting. The mark making appears to be really free. Its interesting what you say about trying to please tutors, is there a lesson here for present Ma-ers?

  4. Hi Wendy, it felt quite exciting and freeing (is there such a word?) to make them - for current MA-ers I don't know, I guess we each try and find a best way for ourselves. Looking at your work your 'voice' seems really strong and clear, I'm sure you'll have no worries next year x