Wednesday, 18 May 2011

15 days and counting!

My Masters is almost over, 15 days until hand in for our degree show. 

So - this can only be described as displacement activity - blogging in the middle of a print run. I just need to do something different for a short while, to clear my head a bit.

The work is, 'The Virtuous Weed, or Pages from a Herbal'. 

My Herbal will be a collection of images of wild plants found in my garden or around-abouts, and put together to show the forgotten medicinal and culinary uses of plants like, Plantain, Shepherd's Purse, and Dandelion. 

Today I'm working on a couple of poisonous plants with medicinal uses, Deadly Nightshade and Foxglove, and mixing up some fabulous murky colours for them.
So far I've completed 14 plates, only 4 to go . . . . . plus text for the prints, oh and the written work - arrghh!

The Froxfield Herbal. 

Here are two of examples of the work I took with me to BABE a couple of weekends ago, it was well organised and busy, and great fun too. 

Fowl Play
The Old Operating Theatre


  1. Wishing you good luck and hope you finish with time to spare.... At least for a glass of wine or two - your work is outstanding ~ Julie

  2. Love them, especially "Fowl Play". Good luck with MA

  3. Thank you both, not sure I'll have time to spare but on time will be okay ;-)

  4. Looking really good Mavina. When you come up for air with your Masters in hand, could you post some more pics, of the thesis show, please. and for now all the best for this amazing time.

  5. Thanks for the good wishes - I'm keeping my head down and concentrating on printmaking, I know I have enough time to get the work finished but it doesn't quite feel like it . . . .