Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Return to Pewsey Vale

I recently mentioned that I'd paid a visit to Marden in the vale of Pewsey and that it has a very sweet parish church. So, to prove how pretty - I went back taking my camera with me.

The little parish church of All Saints was built circa 1107, although the tower was built in the 15th century during which time the nave was rebuilt. The earliest parts of the building are the south doorway and the chancel arch, both Norman. 

Over the centuries there has been much repairing and rebuilding of the church due to poor foundations placed upon unstable greensand. 

Obviously the original builders didn't read the parable about not building on sand.
Lintel and fabulous mouldings over the south doorway.
This great wooden door is 17th century, even having its original lock.
Stained glass window, designed and installed in 1958 by Jasper and Molly Kettlewell. Jasper and Molly Kettlewell were stained glass makers and tutors on craft courses (Jasper 1905 - 1977 Molly 1914 - 1999) between them making a number of windows for various churches and in the mid-1960s they directed the first mosaics at Attingham. The Attingham Zodiac
A memorial stained glass window, designed by Molly Kettlewell and installed in 1979. Showing the white horse and rolling chalk downs of the local landscape.
The beautiful and decorative Romanesque chancel arch is one of the oldest parts of the building, built not later than 1120, it's slightly flattened at the top due to settlement of the building.
Mrs Jane Hayward
Who in her long and tedious illness
was calm and resigned
and her death attended
with ablessed prospect
of sincere felicity
Thro the merits of her dear Redeemer
She obtained her release
from this troublesome world
May the 31 1761
Aged 62 Years
After exploring the church of All Saints, Chris and I went for an early evening stroll over Knap Hill, looking out over the vale of Pewsey near to Alton Barnes, and the white horse which was in Molly Kettlewell's stained glass window.

It's so pretty, the meadows along the ridge are covered in daisies, dandelions and cowslips, even though, or I guess because of, the sheep that graze the land. 
It was 7.30pm and surprisingly warm and very calm. A truly beautiful place for a walk to watch the sun set and the moon rise.

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  1. I kniow the church, and recently popped in there. Great windows by the Ketttlewells.