Monday, 10 January 2011

It's a Small World

It really is a very small world (using the mavina baker connections method). Wherever you find yourself there will be people you can have some kind of 'odd' connection too.

Take Stu. Stu picked us up this morning to take us to our VAN and it turns out he's from Cambridgeshire. He came out on a boat as a six/seven year old, 50 odd years ago which took about four weeks. I'm from Cambridgeshire and I made a long boat trip at about the same age, but to Singapore.

And, it's a funny thing, yesterday I got into conversation with the guide at the Auckland art gallery. I wanted to know where the best place is to see maori work. It turns out he's a printmaker and his tutor's a printmaker. She did her MA at the Slade, she wanted to study in London because the biggest collection of Maori artefacts . . . . . is in the British Museum. I'm a printmaker . . . . . . me and unknown Maori guy talk too long, Chris looses interest and disappears.

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