Tuesday 26 May 2015

Print and Bind with Emily Martin

To think that only last week I was on the Print and Bind workshop with Emily Martin. Three days of printmaking, then using a Drumleaf binding turning said prints into books. This binding is particularly useful for binding prints (or any other double page spread images) as there is no need to consider matching up images or text and the pages open nice and flat.
Gelatine mono-printing is a process that is new to me, but one I'd highly recommend - it's very satisfying, and so simple and quick, and if you want to, it's possible to achieve some very subtle and fine marks.

Water soluble inks are rolled over a 'plate' made of firm gelatine, with soft sponge rollers. You will need to make it as much as three times stronger than you normally would, then press items onto the surface. Lightly pressing onto the back of the paper with your hand will transfer the image.
Water based inks dry quickly, making it very easy to draw back into with oil based mono-printing.
Gluing pages together along the fore-edge (after the spine has been glued) to create small sample books.
New supplies! Soft rollers and half a kilo of gelatine . . . eBay has a lot to answer for!
For further information on workshops contact Lori Sauer

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