Thursday 4 August 2016

re-firing the press

No blogs for over a year . . . now I feel as if I've just woken from a very long sleep.

This week I've done some printmaking, the first since we moved to Oxford nearly a year ago. I haven't had a studio for a while, although I'm lucky enough to have a space in the garage. However, it's on the damp side . . . so I'm in the process of oiling my beautiful big Albion which did get a bit rusty.

My trusty Adana has been patiently waiting, and showing no sign of rust whatsoever! Fantastic little machines. I was thrilled to get printing making again. Starting with some greeting cards.

Checking out colours. I have various bits of wooden type, most old and somewhat used . . . I think the unevenness has a certain charm.

This will be my last post at Mavina Baker Printmaker. And, it would be rude not to say goodbye on this blog, although I do plan to continue at Teacup Press.

I didn't realise until very recently that this blog had come to its natural end. We moved house last year, quite disruptive on its own, but not only that.

Mr B was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer - a bit of a worry! Please encourage the men in your life to have PSA checks (even in their 40's & 50's) just a simple blood test, each year. And, my darling Dad died, suddenly and unexpectedly. It was for him that this blog came into being (the official line as an adjunct to my MA was an untruth) and he is no longer around to see it, so time to move on.

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing it, loved you following me and will start afresh at Teacup Press.