Wednesday 26 January 2011

Christchurch and Wellington

Images from the Ron Mueck exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery, possibly the most visited show this gallery has ever hosted.

Love him or hate him? What to make of the hyper-realistic representation of humanity with his obsessive attention to detail?

I'm not sure I feel either love or hate, mind you Dead Dad still elicits feelings of poignancy. And for some unknown reason (maybe I see too much in the way of metaphor) I love, Man in a Boat.

Chris, however is Not keen. He appreciates the 'craft' inherent in the work, but the sculpture itself makes his skin creep.

Wellington was definitely my favourite city on our travels. It's a fab place, lots of quirky stuff about the place, and so much going on.

If you're ever in NZ try and pay a visit, you'll be bound to find something you like.

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Tuesday 25 January 2011

New bag at the Beach

An audience admiring my new birdie bag

Stones reminding me of home

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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Baker's big new van - kings of the road?!

A selection of oddities and favourites.

The view on New Years eve, from the Van.

Morning at Cable Bay (the very best spot) from inside the Van

Have tractor, will travel!

The cat man's van. This is home to a tiny old feller, wearing cut off wellies and shorts, with about half a dozen cats. Wonder what his life story is, but he's so furtive I don't get to ask.

Fine campsite dining . . . . .

Evening view from the Van.

Caravans with extensions.

Getting ready to leave Akaroa for the bright lights of Christchurch.

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Monday 10 January 2011

Bakers back in Auckland

4th January 2011

Our camp site last night was so awful (bad, bad trailer park) that we both needed to get back to something a little more life affirming, preferably with good wine and a decent restaurant!

We escape early and have breakfast by the sea at 7:30.

We pick up a new - Bigger - van tomorrow so decided to head for Auckland, as it's close to van land and we could spend the day seeing everything we missed before.

Morning was spent in the botanical gardens looking at native plants. I've been logging all the wild plants I recognise from home and I'm sure they don't belong here.

There was a great exhibition by Joanna Fieldes

Unnamed garden sculpture.

Sculptural plants

It was fascinating and sooo civilised. Plus good ice cream!

The afternoon was taken up with the Auckland War Memorial museum, interesting and frightening in equal measure. I spent a long time looking at colonial stuff and pacific island stuff,

but then I found the serious stuff.

Geology, reading about volcanos. I now know we need to leave NZ right now, it could go at any moment and we don't stand a chance!!

Had to find a good bar in which to calm down, I can recommend the local rose.

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