Tuesday 11 December 2012

Comfort Food

After dropping my car into the garage over at Chilton, Rufus and I walked back on a chilly winter morning. 

Grass looking for all the world as if it had been sugar coated . . .
I decided to make some comfort food for lunch - carrot soup.

A glance along the bookshelves shows which title get the most attention. Note the gaffer tape!

Does anyone else have particular favourites? One of mine is 'All Colour Cookery Book' produced back in the day - 1976 - when, not only was it not uncommon for a cookery book to have very little in the way of illustration, they were mainly black and white.
Once too often pulled from the shelves by the spine  . . . . . it has long given up the ghost
I don't exactly follow the recipe, (actually I rarely follow a recipe after the first try, I like to tweak things a bit) carrots are so sweet they doesn't need any extra sugar and I think the addition of potato in this recipe is unnecessary.

This soup is really tasty with a generous teaspoon of toasted cumin seeds added. And, if the carrots are cooked until very soft, they then blitz into the most velvety textured soup. Delicious!